Things You Need To Know About Singing Bowls


When thinking about purchasing singing bowls, you need to take into consideration several factors. These bowls do not only produce beautiful melodies but can also have a purifying effect on the body. The best thing about singing bowls is not the amazing tunes the make but rather, the fact that they have a great effect on the body. These bowls from Silver Sky Imports would be able to relax you when you are most stressed, stabilized your energy levels, and simply create balance from within. The more you listen to the tunes, the more you are able to find your center and be at peace.

The sound waves created by these singing bowls are bound to purify the body and remove the all the bad energy you are feeling. The thing here is that the body is not the only thing that would need purifying because there are times when we have things that need it too. In the event you have a certain object that would need to be cleansed, all you have to do is to put it inside the bowl and let the bowl perform its tunes.

The most common type of item being purified would be tiny stones or jewelry but these things do not just go immediately into the bowl. You would have to place it inside a leather or felt bag. The reason behind this is that the bowls may not sound as good with the items inside so you need to at least protect the items with another bag. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot just play the bowls as you wish because you would need to focus on removing the negative energy on the item to be able to actually get the bowl to work its magic.

The best technique you can do is tapping the bowl three times in different ways. Let the sounds vibrate each time you strike the bowl. If the object that you wish to purify is far too big, you can always just hold it over the bowl while you strike it. This technique may be tiring and awkward but you have to believe that it would work for it to truly work its powers. With these bowls, every strike would create various sound waves creating different kinds of music. The most commonly used one would be the simple tapping sounds. You do not have to have musical experience for you to be able to play singing bowls for as long as you know how to strike a bowl. Visit if you have questions.